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Located in the heart of downtown Bangor, Maine — Massimo's Pizza Bar features authentic Roman cuisine, specialty pizza, pasta and mouthwatering house-made deserts.

Owned and operated by Massimo Ranni and his wife Anne Marie, Massimo’s offers a relaxed dining experience where the food speaks for itself. Massimo’s passion for cooking comes to light with every bite of pizza, pasta, bread or what’s been called the best lamb shank in the state — all made with centuries old cooking techniques learned in the heart of Italy.

Come taste the Italian cuisine that’s quickly become a favorite among locals and visitors alike.

“At the recent tasting, the aromas of thinly sliced potato, fontina cheese and truffle oil wafted from the freshly fired crust. The pizza is entirely different from the family-sized pies slathered in sauce and delivered to local doorsteps by other pizza places. It is individually-sized, simple and sparely topped, the crust a thin, crispy layer that stands up to the heft of the pieces.”

- Bangor Daily News

“Mr. Ranni turns unbleached flour, salt and water into luxuriously dense Italian breads and slices of pizza. These slices are not the usual slices; made without cheese, they are fragrant with fresh herbs, vegetables and extra-virgin olive oil. And they're served cold, the way Italian children eat them for breakfast.”

- The New York Times